About us

Raf Rossi Gold Plated is a line of jewelry stores for people who love elegant jewelry to shop and enjoy while looking good, courtesy of the lovely pieces that come in every season. The Raf Rossi brand now has, in addition to location shops, an online store where folks can purchase beautiful pieces right from the comfort of their homes.
Our Jewelry is a perfect model of what happens when Quality meets Elegance and better yet, everyone at Raf Ross Gold Plated i works to make sure all customers find stylish pieces that suit their personality. Every season we bring in new interesting pieces which can be found at any one of our location stores including online shopping.
We offer both retail and wholesale services and constantly have interesting promotions for special occasions like Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and more. So you might want to check the space frequently.
Our mission
We at Raf Rossi Gold Plated aim to provide and match all our customers with high-quality Costume Jewelry they will be proud of, coupled with an incredible customer service experience that will leave them satisfied and happy to have shopped at Raf Rossi Gold Plated.
Who are we?
Raf Rossi Gold Plated (or Oro Laminado de Brazil in Spanish) is one of the first Brazilian gold plated jewelry resellers in the Midwest. Our founders Patria Rodriguez and Patricia Olejnik have spent close to 10 years now building a reliable line of beautiful jewelry for people with different tastes and personalities to enjoy.
Founded in 1997, the brand started off by opening the Genesis Jewelry shop located in uptown Chicago, before opening Raf Rossi Gold Plated in 2001, located in the north side of Chicago. The company has since grown into a major force that provides the most reliable gold plated jewelry in the modern market.
One interesting fact about the company is that it was named after Patricia’s grandmother, a great entrepreneur who inspired Patricia to be herself and manage businesses of her own.
  Our Product
 We sell Brazilian Gold Plated Costume Jewelry, all of our Gold Plated jewelry is electroplated and durable. Because of the 18kt gold multiple layers that cover the jewelry pieces, we are confident to say that all of our products can sustain over a year of continuous use without tarnishing or wearing out. The pieces on offer include:
  • Watches
  • Jewelry
  • Kids jewelry
  • Beads and charms
  • And much more
All pieces offered by Raf Rossi Gold Plated are nickel free and do not present with any metal allergies.
The Raf Rossi Gold Plated Promise
We at Raf Rossi promise to provide high quality and elegant jewelry pieces that are durable and safe for people with metal allergies. We promise to provide clients with honest and reliable customer service that responds to inquiries and queries with minimum delay.
 Our products come with a one year warranty against tarnish that is how confident we are about the Raf Rossi Gold Plated brand.


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